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Why We Run

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In a word … autism.

Autism now affects an alarming number of children –1 in 88, 1 in 54 boys. It presents them with lifelong challenges, in the areas of communication, social interaction, and behaviors. Without intensive help, most will require long-term care. However, with intensive specialized therapy, over 90% of these children gain significant, measurable skills. An amazing 47% become indistinguishable from their peers, able to have independent lives without any additional support.

1 in 88 children, 1 in 54 boys.

We can’t run away from these frightening numbers. So, instead, we run toward a ways to serve these children.

We run with our friends…so that children with autism can have some.

The HOPE Relay supports Project HOPE Foundation’s programs that serve the full spectrum of the autism community:

Hope Link – which provides information to the community about how to recognize symptoms of autism and meets with families who are just receiving a diagnosis, guiding them with strategies and game plans.

Hope Reach – which delivers nearly 2,300 hours of one-on-one therapy every week.

Hope Academy – which provides classrooms specifically structured to include children along with their typical peers.

Virtual Hope – which helps youth with autism obtain high school diplomas; and

Hope Alive – which focuses on life skills and vocational opportunities for those youth and young adults who require additional support.

The road of autism is a long, intense journey…just like the HOPE Relay.

The road of autism requires a team working together…just like the HOPE Relay.

The road of autism contains moments of challenge and of celebration…just like the HOPE Relay.

Project HOPE is in it for the long run…thanks for joining the team.